Small Town Locals approached us with a resounding mission: to ignite a celebration of small-town life, channeling investments that breathe life into local businesses. This endeavor promises to not only foster vibrant job markets for the community but also forge a bedrock of economic stability for their corner of the nation.

Celebrating small towns through commerce, content, and community.

Supporting small towns is essential for fostering a vibrant, diverse, and resilient society. Preserving these communities preserves our unique regional identities and traditions, enriching the tapestry of our nation. Additionally, small towns are often custodians of natural beauty and historical landmarks, showcasing the richness of our collective heritage. By supporting small towns, we are not only investing in their future but also in the sustainability and vitality of our entire nation. The mission of Small Town Locals is to build a stronger, more inclusive society where every community, regardless of size, has the opportunity to thrive.

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Establish a strong visual brand to take to market for the first time.

Logo, visual styling, brand voice and messaging….all of it.


Design several products to set the tone for what consumers can expect moving forward.

Find a unique niche that offered consumers an alternative to all the other small town souvenir merchandise located in town.


Get a beautiful and effective online store with on demand services up and running cheap and quickly.

Buy utilizing templates and quick product mockups, this wasn’t just a pipe dream…it was actually possible.


Branding with purpose

Products designed with local significance in mind

We wanted to build a first line of products that resonated with the locals. We done into the historical archives and found a treasure trove of amazing stories we thought could be very interesting and appropriate to represent as a means of story telling and product differentiation.