FLIKRFIRE is a family built company that achieved incredible success in it's first five years primarily selling one product - personal concrete fireplaces that are fueled by rubbing alcohol. It was our goal to position the brand for the next five years and beyond as new products and ideas began to take shape.


Level-up the branding with the future in mind.

Logo, visual styling, brand voice and messaging….all of it.


Produce inspiring content to motivate customers.

Now that competition had entered the market, it was time to tell a better story of value, intention, safety and reliability.


Create a beautiful unboxing experience.

With new products on their way, now was the time to invest in shelf appeal.


A Brand In Transition

Change, more often than not, is a result of our will to survive. Early success can sometimes signal to small business owners that all they need to do is do more of the thing that got them their, which to some degree is true. However, it's important to build a brand that is not at risk of being backed into a corner of the market down the road. This was the motivation for the rebrand for FLIKRFIRE.


A symbol of what is to come.

The visuals, the name, the product descriptions all needed to point to what was coming while honoring what had already been. We arrived at a simple visual mark that was highly identifiable and functional within the boundaries of the concrete materials used for the product.